More than a group.
A family.

WE ARE COMMUNICATORS, consultants, printers, art directors, coordinators, web developers, web marketers, copywriters, producers, SEO specialists, designers, photographers, video makers, social media managers, accountants and PRs. We are many things, BUT ABOVE ALL WE ARE PEOPLE. Children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, cousins, friends, colleagues and even neighbours. WE LIKE THE SMELL OF COFFEE in the morning, an aperitif with friends, a day in the outdoors. WE LIKE TO STAY UP LATE, WE LIKE TO TRAVEL, discover new places and meet new people. WE LIKE TO TALK, write, read, draw, sing, dance, cycle, ride scooters, roller skate and skateboard. WE LIKE RUGBY, tennis, basketball, football, swimming, sailing, cycling, skiing but also playing table tennis, cards, bocce, chess, Risk and Monopoly. WE LIKE FILMS THAT MAKE YOU THINK (and those that don’t), TV series, rock-pop-jazz-blues-funk-reggae-folk-punk-prog-grungerap-hiphop, not to mention Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Verdi and Tchaikovsky. WE LIKE TO MESS AROUND ON SOCIAL MEDIA, to like, comment, share, tell our stories and hear those of others. WE LIKE TO DEBATE, advise, help, encourage, console, criticise and challenge each other. WE LIKE TO LAUGH AND CRY, to hug and clash, completely agree and completely disagree. WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN and we do it all the time, at home, outside and yes, even in the office. TO TELL THE TRUTH: WE ARE LUCKY, because our work is also our passion. WE LIKE TO GIVE, WE LIKE TO DARE, and we like to do it together. As a team. More. AS A FAMILY. It’s simple. Our secret is that we don’t have secrets. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a communications partner, if you want to join the team, or if you’re just curious. You ARE ALREADY ONE OF US.


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