Quality has a green heart

Seventyseven for the environment: social responsibility and an eco-sustainable presence in the local area

Our philosophy is based on the development of a zero impact environmental economy. How? The technological investments we have made allow us to reduce the use of chemical additives during printing and to actually save on energy consumption. While the choice of environmentally sustainable raw materials guarantees that our target market receives quality products that are entirely renewable or, to put it better… environmentally friendly!


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Sustainable offset and digital printing

The production technology used in our digital printing sees the complete elimination of chemical pollutants, while for our offset printing we use Kodak Process Free plates, which do not require the use of chemical additives for processing and guarantee lower energy consumption.

Together for the environment

There is strength in numbers. That is why we constantly encourage our suppliers to be more environmentally aware, as we work together every day to offer quality printing with a green heart.


Photovoltaic system and asbestos abatement

The improvement and development of our environmental management system has also taken place over the years with the removal of asbestos from our company headquarters and the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building. With its 688 modules, covering the entire surface area of the roof, it has a capacity of 155 kWp. Its use reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for electricity production and, as a consequence, reduces the greenhouse effect.

LED lighting

The company is equipped with an all-LED lighting system, to further reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and guarantee substantial energy savings.


Waste disposal

We are very careful about how we dispose of our special waste. Disposal is carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements: waste is stored in special external tanks, which have the relevant disposal codes to ensure that the recycling procedure is followed correctly.

Grafica Sette Srl, an FSC certified company

Our commitment to the environment has also been officially recognized thanks to Grafica Sette Srl obtaining FSC® certification. Specific to the typography industry, this certification aims to ensure that forests exploited to produce cellulose are adequately reintegrated, and not abandoned, thus guaranteeing continuous ecological recycling. The certification is also relative to the company itself and guarantees that all stages of raw material processing comply with strict quality and environmental protection standards.


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