Billboards, posters and flyers

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Billboards, posters and flyersBillboards, posters and flyers
Billboards, posters and flyers


With formats from 50×70 to 70×100, billboards hold no secrets for us. Made with lightweight paper (known as “blue back“), they are characterised by a strong visual impact: posted in public places or meeting places, they must immediately draw attention with a clear and simple but effective message, usually related to an event, a new opening but also a product or service to be advertised.


Posters have the same purpose and almost the same characteristics as billboards, but they are smaller (from A3 to A4 format) and are usually hung inside points of sale or means of transport. They can publicise advertising communications as well as information or propaganda.

Billboards, posters and flyers
Billboards, posters and flyers


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Billboards, posters and flyers

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