Why did you choose to rely on Seventyseven?

For our translation project of the OECD, Frascati 2015 and Oslo 2018 Manuals, we have chosen and decided to rely on Seventyseven for the range of multidisciplinary services offered in the editorial, graphic and marketing fields, delivered in a global service logic. A unique reality that we could count on for the conception of the entire launch campaign, from printing and packaging, to promotion through dedicated adv campaigns, up to the set-up and support during the event held in Rome.

How have we helped and what problems do we solve for you?

The Seventyseven team was essential to have an overview and to define all the necessary steps for the presentation of the project. It was also essential its predisposition for teamwork and supporting the internal resources of our company, to which clear and precise indications have been provided on the activities to be carried out.

How would you define the service?

The entire work team has been attentive to our needs and requirements through a serious, reliable and flexible service.

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