Why did you choose to rely on Seventyseven?

Seventyseven is one of the company’s historical partners, with a relationship that has been renewed for more than 10 years. Seventyseven’s approach and skills have made this collaboration continuous, managing over the years to always present itself as an updated interlocutor and in step with the rapid evolution of communication channels and standards

How did we help and what problems did we sort for you?

Seventyseven has always been able to support the company during its growth path, satisfying what are the most typical needs of B2B communication, but also proposing the use of useful digital tools aligned with new technologies. An approach and a mindset that allows us to cover the needs of the company in all respects, from the area of digital and offset printing, to the world of web applications, through that of exhibition installations.

How would you define the service?

Professional, creative and complete, thanks to a mix of services and skills ranging from printing to packaging, art direction, digital and web. Seventyseven is a reality always open to comparison with the customer, to whom it provides great experience, a rational approach and concrete solutions.

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